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A woman undergoes dream deprivation in order to discover the identity of a man her husband is obsessed with. A comic satire about husbands and wives, female friendship, daughters and mothers, obsessive love, malls, agoraphobia, and psychological scrutiny in a suburban age.

Georges Bugnet Award for the Novel, 1993
shortlisted, Smithbooks/Books in Canada First Novel Award, 1993

praise for Spin Dry

Spin Dry…is not merely fun, it’s downright funny; it produced in this reader audible, frequent, and admiring laughter…. It’s an energetically imaginative, precisely focused satire, with a delightful sense of comic timing…. Though [Hollingshead] finds targets everywhere, he’s never cruel for the sake of the joke; he seems to be working a deep vein of amused and psychologically acute compassion.”
—Douglas Hill, Books in Canada

“Spin Dry is a wacky, wonderful, rowdy, comic novel…a wonderfully inventive, gentle satire, delivered in a fresh and vivid voice.”
—Sandra Birdsell, Books in Canada

“This is a voice that deserves hearing, and Spin Dry is full of razor-sharp observations that draw blood.”
—The Fiddlehead

“What a weird, deceptive book. Spin Dry is wry and wild, the literary equivalent of shotgun art…. [T]he suburbs haven’t really been done this way before…. Spin Dry is impressive writing: funny, mean, impressive prose, a session with a crazed shrink, a spin doctor tunneling hellishly under the developers’ guilt and greed and the innocence and angst-ridden desire of the postwar suburban dream of flight, refuge, home sweet home.”
—Mark Anthony Jarman, The Calgary Herald

“Brilliant and funny. Every line sparkles with originality and intelligence. Spin Dry is inspired, hilarious and macabre. It is fabulous. One of the most original books ever to come out of this country.”
—Barbara Gowdy

“Hollingshead’s light touch disguises an almost cruelly uncompromising honesty…. Watch yourself question everything you think is real.”
—The Edmonton Journal

Act Normal book cover image